I wish I could have you all to myself 😞

8:57 pm Monday Sept. 15

That one minute of hearing you and seeing your face made me miss you so much more..

everything is going to be alright okay love. I talked to my mom today, I told her why were in trouble and well we had a big talk but she doesnt want us to be forbidden, just to slow things down. I’m going to call your mom again… I just want to be able to be with you again.

School was okay for me, just a normal monday, but without you…

I hope you had a much better day love

I miss you

I love you

and just dont stop thinking about how this is all going to end soon, we’ll get through it bby. It’s going to be all okay. No te preocupes Bella. I loved that smile, and I wish I could be there to wipe off those tears… Everything is going to be okay Jenn. Take care beautiful <3

12:19 am Monday Sept. 15

Don’t worry okay, everything is going to be okay. Hug stitch. It’ll be all okay bby. I hope you sleep well and I hope you’re all okay.

I love you

9:25 pm Sunday Sept. 14

Hey, I’m sorry I think I got you in more trouble.. I hope you’re okay. I’m sorry I caused you so much trouble :(
I love you Jennifer and your mom doesn’t want me to talk to you - but I’m sorry I have to go against your mom I can’t not know you’re okay. I’m sorry Jenn, but I can’t lose you. I’ll try to find some way to talk to you without your mom knowing

I love you